The Best Nitrile Glove Brands 2021-2022

The Best Nitrile Glove Brands 2021-2022

When you go shopping for nitrile gloves, you want to come back with the best selection. More so in these COVID-19 times. The need for quality gloves increased with the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic. And guess which gloves got the highest demand? Nitrile gloves.
This is because nitrile offers the most protection from viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens transmitted through air, blood, and contact. Nitrile gloves also have a high resistance to puncture and corrosive substances like chemicals, oils, grease, solvents, acids, and bases. Don't forget their comfortable and snug fit. Nitrile gloves give you comfort in wet, dry, hot, and cold conditions.
With this in mind, here's a list of some of the best nitrile glove brands in the US that give you value for money.

The Top Nitrile Glove Manufacturers


Located in Kent, Washington, AMMEX is a leading manufacturer and global distributor of protective equipment. Since its start in 1988, AMMEX has supplied latex, nitrile, and poly gloves.

Brands under AMMEX Corporation include

• Gloveworks
• GlovePlus
• X3

AMMEX nitrile glove offerings

• Different sizes
• Nitrile work gloves
• Non-sterile nitrile gloves
• Long cuffed nitrile gloves
• Two-color offerings; blue (powder-free) and black

Supermax Healthcare

Supermax Healthcare is a leading manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of high-quality medical gloves. It produces about 12 percent of the world's latex gloves.
Supermax's subsidiary, Aurelia Gloves, provides quality nitrile gloves primarily used in medical examinations.

Aurelia Gloves' offerings

• Powder-free nitrile gloves
• A variety of colors like blue, pink, black, purple,
• Food safe nitrile gloves


With over 148 years in business, Kimberly-Clark is among the best makers and suppliers of nitrile gloves and other medical gear. It makes both general-purpose and examination nitrile gloves with textured fingertips. Kimberly Clark gloves give you excellent grip.

Brands under Kimberly Clark

• Kleenguard Nitrile gloves
• KIMTECH Science nitrile gloves

Halyard Health

Previously part of Kimberly-Clark Healthcare, Halyard Health is now a subsidiary of Owen and Minor since 2018. Halyard makes and distributes quality medical products, for example, nitrile gloves, face masks, surgical gowns, and so on.

Nitrile brand name under Halyard Health

• Sterling SG nitrile gloves

Halyard Health's best offering

• Super puncture resistance.

Halyard's nitrile gloves provide superior protection. This is because of the extensive research done to increase nitrile's tensile strength. This research increased the protective qualities of Halyard's gloves.

To protect its innovation, Halyard has gone ahead to patent its technology.

• Good tactile sensitivity
• Durable
• Comfortable fit


Dynarex makes top-quality disposable medical products. Their nitrile gloves protect you from contamination through body fluids, chemicals, and so on. Established in 1967, Dynarex is located in Orangeburg, New York. It supplies to North America, Europe, and South America.


Renco Corporation is a top supplier of nitrile gloves in America. Since its start in 1962, Renco makes and supplies isolator sleeves and nitrile gloves.
Renco is famous for its glove customization services. Here, customers can provide their glove specifications, for example, material, type, size, color, thickness, and length. Renco then makes gloves following every customer's specifications.
Their gloves are used in healthcare, medicine, research, manufacturing, etc.


Medline is one of the best suppliers of top-quality nitrile exams and surgical gloves. It produces reusable and disposable gloves and other medical items like face masks, COVID-19 test kits, surgical gowns, hand sanitizers.
Medline also makes glove liners, surgical gloves, glove dispensers, exam gloves, and specialty gloves.

Medline's Nitrile gloves offerings

• Gluten-free nitrile gloves
• Powder-free nitrile gloves
• Extended cuff nitrile gloves


All Reagent's nitrile gloves are NFPA approved. Apart from gloves, Reagents makes reagents, chemicals, and testing solutions.

Nitrile brand name under Reagents

• Microflex N25 disposable nitrile gloves

Reagents' Nitrile Glove offerings

• Powder-free
• Two colors; Blue and Black

Best Disposable brands.

According to, these are some of the best disposable nitrile gloves.

Dre Health

Dre Health disposable gloves were reviewed as the best nitrile gloves of 2021. Dre Health nitrile gloves are 3 millimeters thick. This thickness makes them comfortable to wear and provides sufficient protection. You can also use them in any environment, home or work.


MedPride gloves are the best small nitrile gloves. Made in the color purple, these MedPride nitrile gloves perfectly conform to a small hand, giving you a snug fit. They come powder-free and are non-sterile.


Gloveworks are reviewed as the best-textured nitrile gloves. So if you are looking for gloves with the best grip, look no
further. The orange-colored gloves by Gloveworks are the best at what they do.


These are the best black gloves on the market. Just like their name, they give you a good grip while protecting your hands from harm.


These are the best-textured fingertip gloves. They add more grip to your fingertips. They are best for work or activities where you use your fingertips, for example, holding and counting money, typing, and so on. ProCure nitrile gloves make work easier.

Premium Guard

Premium Guard gloves are the best thick nitrile gloves you can get. Premium Guard gloves are super in every way. Their palms and fingers are fully textured and thick (8mm), offering maximum protection and long-lasting.


They were reviewed as the best reusable nitrile gloves. Reusable gloves are stronger and more durable than disposable gloves. For this reason, they offer you more protection from chemicals, oils and grease, sharp instruments/tools, and so on. They are suitable for garages, auto shops, and many others.

Here are other remarkable nitrile glove manufacturers and suppliers

USA Medical Supply

Located in Florida, USA, USA Medical Supply is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of medical supplies globally. It is dedicated to giving you the best quality products at very affordable prices. They supply masks, gloves, and gowns.

USA Medical Supply's Nitrile glove offerings

• TPE Gloves
• Nitrile gloves

Their gloves are;

• Powder-free
• Non-sterile
• Blue embossed
• Thick and strong
• Durable
• Disposable
• Ambidextrous


Based in USA Florida, Nitrilium is the one of a kind nitrile glove maker. Nitrilium makes 100% nitrile gloves. Its disposable gloves are 100% free of powder, esters, plasticizers, and silicone oils.
Nitrilium makes its disposable gloves from nitrile butadiene rubber, meaning there's no risk of triggering latex allergies. Its gloves offer superior strength, dexterity, and resistance to oils and aqueous chemicals. Nitrilium’s clients include first respondents, hospitals, laboratories, medical clinics, manufacturing industries, and other clients worldwide.
As you can see, nitrile gloves are strong, durable, safe, and versatile, qualities that make them a favorite in many industries. Treat yourself and your loved ones to good quality nitrile gloves.