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500-PCS Disposable Alcohol Cotton Prep Pad Sterilization Swabs

By USA Medical Supply
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External material size:5x5 cm paper aluminum film

Core size:3x6 cm non-woven fabric

Quantity:500 pieces

Name: alcohol pads

Exp: 2025



1.Disposable medical alcohol tablets, individually packaged, ready for use, safe and sanitary, easy to carry.

2.Disposable medical alcohol pads can be used to disinfect the skin, around the wound, and before injection.

3.They can also be used to disinfect or clean dishes, children's toys, carry-on supplies, office supplies, and so on.

4.This product is for external use only. Do not touch the eyes, nose and mouth, eardrums, etc.!

5.Storage method: Protect from light, seal, and store at room temperature. This product contains alcohol, flammable, please keep away from fire.


Size chart:

External material size:5x5 cm

Core size:3x6


Package included:

 5x 100 alcohol pads (one box)