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Smart COPD and Chronic Respiratory & Cardiovascular Disease Physical Breathing Trainer

By USA Medical Supply
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Cardiovascular Disease Trainer

Voice Performanc Trainer

Sports Performance Trainer

Respiratory Health Trainer

Chronic Respiratory Disease Trainer




Smart Breathing Trainer

is mianly on the purpose of 
Train Respiratory Muscles, Increase Vital Capacity, Slow Lung Aging

Smart Breathing Trainer is the most advanced respiratory training device that aims to develop, improve and maintain respiratory health through deep breathing exercises, focusing on the inspiration volume.

Lung Capacity Test

1,MEMS Thermal Film Flow Sensor
The most advanced respiratory detection technology to detect breath speed and volume in real time; 
2,LED Display
Real time display of training process data with LED display;test anytime, anywhere;
3, AI-Powered App
Can also connect with OPUMP App to do lung testing for record and analysis, and personalize courses accordingly;

Training Courses

1, Accessible Lung Capacity
Increase your accessible lung capacity, allowing you to reduce your breathing rate and preserve energy. n
2,Respiratory Strength
Strengthen your breathing muscles to improve your aerobic capacity, endurance and delay the onset of fatigue.
Threshold Increased anaerobic threshold means you can perform at your highest power outputs for longer periods of time.
4,Relaxation & Revitalization
Improve your muscle oxygenation and speed up recovery while improving relaxation at the same time.
5,Instant Performance
A warmup exercise for your respiratory muscles

Courses Design

Design with the Ideal Air Resistance for Best Effect
When people train at "BEST" inhalation speed, it's at 30%~50% MIP(  inspiratory pressure), which has been proved to work out best for most respiratory rehabilitation. And to fulfill more purposes, courses with different MIP is provided.

Fun Games

Easy and fun games to let the training more enjoyable.

Applicable people and scenes:

1,Chronic Respiratory Disease
Breathing exercises are vital for people with asthma, bronchitis, Emphysema and COPD or after surgery, to enhance respiratory fitness, lung performance and cardiopulmonary function, and to prevent recurrent complications.
Improve the Physique
Reduce the frequency of cold and acuate attack of COPD
Improve Blood Circulation of Heart, Brain and Body tissues
Increase blood oxygen partial pressure and blood oxygen saturation
Improve the Capacity of Sputum Excretion
Strengthen respiratory muscles to improve the capacity of sputum excretion, loosen the sputum in the trachea and lungs and easy to cough up.

2,Cardiovascular disease
Just five minutes a day of strength training the muscles you use to breathe can lower blood pressure and improve blood vessel health more than aerobic exercise or drugs.
Effects of Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training (IMST)
Daniel Craighead, the first author of the paper and an assistant researcher at the University of Colorado Boulder, said, "For IMST, you can even do it at home while watching TV, and it can be done in 5 minutes." The researchers recruited 36 healthy adults aged 50 to 79 who were otherwise healthy except for systolic blood pressure that was above normal (120 mm Hg or higher). Half of them underwent 6 weeks of high-resistance IMST, and the other half received a placebo regimen as a control group. After 6 weeks, the average systolic blood pressure (maximum) drop in the IMST group was 9%, a reduction greater than that achieved by walking 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. This drop is also comparable to the effect of some blood pressure medications. The IMST group maintained most of the improvement even after 6 weeks after the subjects were no longer on the IMST.

Daily 'breath training' can work as well as medicine to reduce high blood pressure
The National Public Radio Health Channel article pointed out that daily breathing exercises can reduce high blood pressure as effectively as drugs. 

3,General Health
Increase Vital Capacity
Slow Lung Aging
Improve Lung Functions
Boost Metabolism Rate
Boost Immune Syste

4,Relaxation & Revitalization
Slow Breathing
Slow Heart Rate
Ease Anxiety and Stress
Improve Sleep Quality
Gain More Energy

5,Sport Performance
Increase VO2 Max
Boost Cardiorespiratory Endurance
Improve physical Performance
Delay Time To Fatigue
Accelerate Recovery Tim

6,Voice Performance
Builds Breath Support
Improve Vocal Strength
Extend Vocal Range
Increase Breath Stability
Decrease Respiratory Fatigue

Why Breathing Training Helps?

Correct Breathing Way
Most people reply too much on chest breathing instead of belly breathing. Chest breathing will bring more burden to arm swinging and lead to the instability of the arm swinging as the thoracic movement will obviously drive the shoulders up and down. Belly breathing will not only improve the respiratory efficiency but also help to enhance the core stability, thus creating good conditions for arm swinging. 

Activate Diaphragm and Increase VO2Max
VO2Max means the maximum amount of oxygen your body can absorb and function at its best. As your oxygen intake increases, your performance in any aerobic endurance exercise will improve. The more active the diaphragm, the more oxygen you breathe. 

Improve Core Strength
When exhaling, you must be able to fully exhale the air from the lungs, which requires that the core muscles can be tightened quickly and well. Only when the core is tightened can the diaphragm be fully jacked up and the air in the lungs be fully expelled. Breathing exercises allow abdominal breathing to flow naturally into the body, tightening the core and keeping the speed up during the sprint.