The Benefits of Using Nitrile Gloves.

The Benefits of Using Nitrile Gloves.

Choosing the most suitable gloves can be tricky, especially if you are not conversant with each glove's unique features. Well, when it comes to the best glove choice, the winner is nitrile. Nitrile is now the top boss when it comes to the market share. This is not surprising as nitrile solved the problem of latex-related allergies.
Latex, the former glove giant, dominated the market until people found a robust and safer alternative. Nitrile gloves provide three times more protection than their latex and vinyl counterparts. For this reason, nitrile became an instant bestseller with dentists. Dentists feel safer with nitrile gloves. The glove's super strength provides more protection from sharp instruments, blood-borne pathogens, and chemicals.

What makes nitrile gloves so strong?

Nitrile gloves are made from nitrile-butadiene, a synthetic rubber. This rubber does away with any latex allergy triggers. Nitrile butadiene is three times stronger than natural rubber (latex), making nitrile gloves superior in strength, durable, and resistant to aqueous chemicals, oils, and punctures.
Its great strength and dexterity won the hands of many workers in the healthcare, food, automotive, cleaning, art, and design industries.

Why Nitrile Gloves are good for you.

Nitrile gloves are latex-free.

This means that anyone can safely use them without worrying about latex allergies. Latex is strong, durable, affordable, a good protectant. But it has one fatal flaw, latex allergies. The allergies can be mild (rashes) or severe (life-threatening), depending on your body's reaction to the proteins in the latex. The allergies are the main reason for the significant shift from latex to nitrile.
Nitrile is latex-free, making it the perfect solution for anyone allergic to latex. This makes it the best alternative to latex. For this reason, nitrile gloves are the preferred choice for healthcare, medical and dental professionals.

Nitrile has the highest puncture and chemical resistance.

Punctures. Exposure. Those two issues go hand in hand. Once a glove is punctured, it exposes you to contamination or harm. Well, there's no need to get worried; nitrile gloves provide maximum protection against punctures and contamination.
The robust material of nitrile makes it hard for the gloves to tear. And if they do (which is rare), you will see the breach immediately. This is because nitrile has less elasticity than latex which enables you to spot the hole immediately. And once spotted, you can discard the damaged gloves and change to a new pair.
Does your work bring you in regular contact with blood, body fluid, chemicals, strong paints, oils, grease, solvents, sharp instruments, and any other contaminants? Nitrile gloves got you covered. Their strength and molecular build ensure that your hands are safe.

Nitrile lasts longer.

Durability is one of nitrile's best qualities. Because of their strength, you can use nitrile gloves over and over again. Reusable gloves are best suited for workplaces or industries that aren't required to maintain high hygiene standards. Good examples of this are the cleaning/janitorial and automotive industries. Sensitive sectors like food and healthcare use disposable nitrile gloves.
Apart from their reusability, nitrile gloves have a longer shelf life. Because of their long shelf life, you can buy nitrile gloves in bulk at reduced prices. Your new gloves will stay safe as long as you store them well in cool temperatures.

Nitrile gloves are comfortable to wear.

The synthetic rubber that makes up nitrile has a comfortable feel to it. This is because it easily adapts to the environment of your hands. When you put on nitrile gloves, they adapt to the warmth of your hands and mold themselves to the shape of your fingers and palms. This allows them to fit nicely on your hands. The snug fit of nitrile helps you work in comfort and improves your work efficiency. Nitrile's level of comfort is second to none.

Nitrile gloves are easy to wear and take off.

Nitrile's low resistance to friction makes it easy to wear and take off. On the other hand, natural rubber has a high resistance to friction, making it a little difficult to wear and remove latex gloves.
Quality nitrile gloves have textured fingertips and palms. The textured surface increases friction, which improves your grip. With textured nitrile gloves, you can maintain a good grip in both dry and wet conditions.
Manufacturers also improve the usability of nitrile gloves by adding powder. The powder makes it easy to wear gloves.

Nitrile gloves function normally in extreme temperatures.

Nitrile gloves have high heat resistance. They can work well in extreme temperatures. You can comfortably use them in low and high temperatures, between -40 to 108 degrees Celsius. Nitrile's robust strength and thickness sufficiently shield your hands from cold and hot conditions. This quality makes them the popular choice in the food processing and manufacturing sectors.
Nitrile gloves suit everyone. Do you need gloves for domestic, clinical, food handling, and any other protective purposes? Don't wait. Order your quality nitrile gloves now.