Which Gowns Do De Offer?

Which Gowns Do De Offer?

Level 2 (SBPP) vs Level 4 (CPE) Gowns

When it comes to ensuring protection from infectious agents, it’s so important to know what it is you need and why, especially during a pandemic. USA Medical Supply is proud to offer two types of isolation gowns: Level 2 gowns made of SBPP and level 4 gowns made of CPE. In the following article we will outline the differences between each product and it materials and what that means for you as a consumer.

Level 2 SBPP Gowns

Our level 2 gowns here at USA Medical Supply are made of Spunbond Polypropylene(SBPP). SBPP is a non-woven material that is manufactured by heating up a thermoplastic polymer, in this case polypropylene, after which it is pulled into filament strands and spun together into a web of fabric as it cools.

So what does that mean for you?

As a consumer, level 2 SBPP gowns have a specific set of uses based on it’s ability to protect the user. Level 2 gowns are useful in the following circumstances:

-Low risk medical procedures

-Blood drawing

-Intensive Care Unit procedures and care

-Pathology labs (when working with less dangerous/infectious agents)

Overall, SBPP gowns are most likely usable for day-to-day, normal hospital operations.

Level 4 CPE Gowns

CPE gowns are manufactured through a process of chlorinating polyethylene polymers using heated chlorine gasses and the laying of several layers of the polymer consisting of a waterproof layer, heat insulating layer, isolating layer, and multiple layers of reinforcing and adhesive polymers. This results in a garment that is truly the standard for protection from infectious agents and particulates. 

So what does that mean for you?

Level 4 CPE gowns are the best choice for stopping seriously infectious agents and it is among the top choices for protecting yourself and medical workers from potential infection. This will offer strong protection against covid and can have other applications as well:

-Long, fluid intense procedures


-Protection from all non-airborne particulates

CPE is the go-to polymer for the most secure protection from infections from non-airborne particulates and is the best option to protect yourself and health workers from covid and other diseases transferred through non-airborne bodily fluids.

SMS Isolation Gowns
(available through wholesale)

SMS gowns differ from the other two gowns that we offer at USA Medical Supply in that they are a non-woven fabric. The manufacturing process of the layers are similar to SBPP gowns where the material consists of three layers: a layer of meltblown polypropylene in between two layers of spunbond polypropylene. This type of gown has become increasingly popular during the pandemic for it's ability to successfully and consistently keep infectious agents away from the body and can be seen regularly being used in hospitals all over the world to protect our beloved doctors and nurses.

So what does that mean for you?

SMS isolation gowns are currently the most popular choice for protecting anyone working with quarantined patients with COVID-19 and will provide peace of mind for you and any workers in the medical field.

If you are interested in purchasing SMS isolation gowns please reach out to us for a quote.

Looking to purchase wholesale product?

We are happy to offer a sample package for purchase on this website so you may feel the gowns in your hands and test them out before purchasing in bulk. If you are interested in purchasing wholesale supplies of gowns apply for wholesale here or contact us to receive a quote.