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NURSAL 24 Modes Dual Channel TENS EMS Unit Muscle Stimulator for Pain

By USA Medical Supply
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A/B DUAL CHANNELS TENS: You can set separate modes and intensities for channel A and channel B,and you can operate it with different intensity settings for each channel. Relax your body and have pain management anytime you feel the need with our NURSAL TENS electrotherapy pulse massager.

24 MODES CHOICES FOR PAIN RELIEF: NURSAL electronic TENS device has 24 user-friendly pre-promgrammed massage modes, making it much easier to use than other traditional electric therapy products. (The 24 sub-mode choices selection is under the 6 massage modes.)

POWERFUL RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: No worries about treatment interruption for dead AA batteries any more! It can give you continuous use up to 20 hours! It can be connected to the wall charger, power bank or laptop USB port to charge.

ADJUSTABLE TIMER & INTENSITY: The timer allows you to set a time of between 10-60 minutes, with the default set to 20 minutes. Twenty levels of adjustable intensity mean you’ll easily find one setting that suits your needs. This tens machine device is fully compliant with FDA standards.

ENJOY WITH THE PORTABLE DESIGN: This NURSAL TENS unit device comes with a carrying bag, allowing you to carry it anywhere when necessary. It comes with 1pcs TENS Unit, 8pcs 2" Square pad, 4pcs 2"x4" Large pad, 3 Lead Wires, Pads Holder, USB Cable, Pouch, Cable Ties, User Manual


Constant Mode: mode 1,2;

EMS: mode 3,6,8,10,19,20,23;

TENS: other modes except ems;


Constant/Steady pulse massage modes, which can steadily output current and reduce the stimulation caused by pulse instability. This ensures that the elderly or sensitive people will enjoy themselves with NURSAL Tens Unit.

Our upgraded rechargeable tens massager has anti-shock protection. Before adjusting the intensity, please make sure the electrode wire is connected into the port and the pair of pads pasted above the massage area properly. Or we could adjust the intensity of NURSAL tens.

Long press the center button for 3 seconds, the button of the tens unit will be locked or unlocked. You could enjoy the massage time without worrying about the sudden changing of the modes and intensity by wrongly touching the button.

This tens machine is equipped with a pad holder, pack tie, and carrying bag, it will be more convenient for you to pack the wire and stall the pads, it must be easier to bring the tens when you are on a business trip, office or any other places.


TENS - Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Physiotherapists and professional doctors have been using a safe and non - invasive pain relief method for decades! TENS is the current electricity generated by the device used to stimulate nerves for therapeutic purposes.

TNES is the electric current generated by the device used to stimulate nerves for therapeutic purposes.

EMS - Electrical Muscle Stimulation Electronmyostimulation is an internationally recognized muscle method!

What pain can TENS relax?

Most commonly used for

--Neck/Shoulder/Back/Elbow/Hand/Knee/Leg/Chronic Hip pain

--Sports Injury

--Arthritic or Inflamed Joints, Muscle Tension



1. Please turn off the device before you touch the pads.

2. Not suitable for pregnant women or heart disease and hypertension patients, and not safe for people with pacemakers.



Q1. Why intensity can't be adjusted?

A: The upgraded model tens massager has a protective function to avoid shock. If any port didn't connect well, the device can't adjust intensity.

Q2. Why only could use the first 1-4 modes?

A: Long press the 'M' button and hold 4 seconds to switch between 6 main modes, short press the 'M' to choose within built-in 4 modes of each main mode.

Q3.Why pads no sticky after several days?

A: Skin must be clean and dry. Dirty or oily skin will prevent electrode adhesion. Applying a few drops of water after usage will increase the

longevity of the pads and let them dry naturally . Place pads on the holder or place plastic film to keep the gel moisture after use.